Super Spacer®  is the world’s first no metal, pre-desiccated, structural foam spacer system. Its award winning Thermo Set Spacer (TSS) technology gives the ultimate in high performance spacer systems. Since its inception in 1989, Super Spacer® has become the dominant force in thermally efficient spacer systems and is widely seen as the benchmark for all other spacer systems. The cons truction includes an advanced multi-layer vapour barrier, keeping moisture out and gas in. The Super Spacer® flexible foam  matrix is exceptionally breathable, allowing the high desiccant content to work even faster to absorb moisture. It makes for the fastest low dew / frost point in the industry. Working together with a proprietary vapour barrier and a secondary sealant, moisture is kept out, Argon gas is kept in, and conductivity is virtually non-existent. Video



                        - s výrobním systémem Super Spacer / Hot melt Bostik, můžete snížit výrobní náklady až o 60% -


Super Spacer® has excellent resistance to Nitrogen and Argon gas absorption. It has high UV resistance and can cope with a phenomenal range in temperature from -40°C to +120°C. It has 100% memory and therefore allows for expansion and contraction which can be a major cause of stress fractures in conventional sealed units. In accelerated testing Super Spacer® has been shown to last over twice as long as other dual seal systems and up to nine times longer than single seal. Best of for door's IGU!!

                                                                                          Video 1                      Video 2

 With Super Spacer® and secundary seal Hot Melt BOSTIK, you can produce complete IGU (ready to ship) in 15min.                                  Time of "cooling" of Hot melt is max. 12-15min.



Už nemusíte nic odměřovat a ohýbat, s pneumatickým ručním Aplikátorem na Super Spacer to zvládnete hravě! Jednoduše kopírujete hranu skla a aplikujete pásku Super Spacer s nastavením 5mm od kraje pro následné sekundární tmelení.



                            Jsme nejlepší na celém světě! Dosáhli jsme nejlepších hodnot PSI a Lambdy oproti ostatním:


PSI: lineární součinitel prostupu tepla - 0,028 W/mK. Certifikát IFT Rosenheim PSI

λ (Lambda): tepelná vodivost distančního rámečku Super Spacer - 0,15 W/mK; hot melt BOSTIK 0,24 W/mK. Certifikát IFT Rosenheim λ

Certification: Europe EN1279-2,3,6 / France CSTB - CEKAL / Norway - NBI / Canada CGSB 12.8 M-90 / USA E773,E774,E2188-190,NFRC


            - naučíme a zapůjčíme vám kompletní vybavení a spotřební materiál na jeden týden zdarma, kontaktujte nás -

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