Equipment for IGU production by Super Spacer system:



  • Hand-held pneumatic tool for a continuous process
  • Spacer width adjustment can accommodate sizes
  • from 4.7mm to 23.8mm
  • Fixed setback distance for straight-line application
  • Easy handling and maintenance
  • Replaceable wear plate
  • Delrin and aluminium construction for durability

Double Reel Stand

  • Two reel stations with central support require minimal floor space
  • Sealed enclosure for temporary desiccant protection
  • Spacer reel supported on hardened steel pins
  • Reel slot protection to minimize moisture exposure
  • See-through cover to monitor spacer levels
  • Only one liner stripper is necessary

Liner Stripper

  • Unique dual split cone design for good liner removal
  • Aluminum and Delrin construction for durability
  • No adjustment necessary for spacer adjustment
  • Ball bearing cones reduce pulling resistance
  • Mechanical drive system eliminates the need for compressed air
  • Quick and easy liner removal
  • Easily replaceable drive belts

Rotary Application, Assembly and Sealing table

  • All in One: application spacer / assembly IGU / secondary sealing
  • For application all bar spacers system
  • Without electric power mechanism
  • Moving aretation stoppers for apply the second glass (3pcs)
  • Breaking control pneumatic foot pedal for rotation
  • Manually rotation by hand
  • Pneumatic suction cup controlled by foot pedal
  • Supporting movable arms for big format (4pcs)
  • Min. size of the glass: 40x40mm / 2.000x2.000mm
  • German's components

Gas set tools

  • Needles for gas filling - Argon, Krypton, Xenon
  • For all types of gas filling machines
  • Length of the needle is 53mm
  • Diameter of the needle 2.97mm
  • Amount of holes of the filling needle - 10pcs
  • Inlet diameter of the tube is 6mm/2.9mm

Hot melt extruder

  • Type of extruder by production capacity 15-50
  • VAverage Production: 70-250 IGU/shift
  • Tank Capacity: 15-50kg
  • Variable Output: 0-2000gr./min
  • Low Temperature Cut Out
  • Display: 3pcs (tank / pipe / pistol)
  • Power: 7A/1.5kW / 220VAC
  • Dimensions:  800mm×500mm×500mm, weight: 115kg

Assembly table EAP 2.0

  • Production capacity till 100pcs/shift
  • Suck and blow (+/-) floatation table 2.0×1.4m
  • Pneumatically tilting upper desk
  • Pneumatic movable locking stoppers
  • Three foot pneumatic pedals (air/stoppers/press)
  • Pneumatic panel press 2.000mm
  • Visual control of pressing / back cover from plexiglass
  • Adjustable thickness of pressing 0-50mm
  • Working dimension: 2.2×2.0m (include Swift Shop)
  • Used components: FESTO/SIEMENS/SCHNEIDER

Assembly table EWL 1.8 / 2.0

  • Production capacity 200IGU/shift
  • Suck and blow (+/-) floatation table 2.0×1.4m
  • Pneumatically tilting upper desk
  • Pneumatic movable locking stoppers
  • Two foot pneumatic pedals (air/stoppers)
  • Horizontal cylinder press 1.800mm
  • Adjustable thickness of the press 0-50mm
  • Outlet roller table 2.0×1.4m
  • Max. glass size 2.0×1.3m
  • Video



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